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  1. VOTE! …Yes, we have heard the reasons to not vote, none of them are logical. We all witnessed the fraud that occurred with the 2020 Presidential Election. It was because of the huge Republican voter turnout that exposed the cheating. If people hadn’t voted in large numbers, it wouldn’t have been so apparent. Vote in PERSON and make sure you are taken off the mail-in voter lists. Keep VOTING!!!!

  2. Read and learn the US Constitution…For far too long, we as Americans have handed our rights and liberties over to corrupt politicians and government swamp rats. We can no longer rely on anyone to do what is Our responsibility.

  3. Read Your State Constitution…While many Americans think Washington, DC is where this country is steered, the truth is our republic was designed to give the States the power.

  4. Volunteer…Whether it’s making phone calls, or helping with mailers, there are things everyone can do, even if you are older or have a disability. If we want our community to be different, let it start with us. From Churches to dog rescues to politics, there are things we can do within our communities to make sure this nation stays free.

  5. Financially Support Candidates…There are many local people looking to make a difference in our cities, counties, states, and country. They need financial help. Whatever you can offer financially can really help these folks.

  6. Do Your Due Diligence…Ronald Reagan had a great slogan, “Trust, but Verify”. Do your own research. There are many people asking you to “Believe” every word they say. We don’t. We want you to research, the U.S. Constitution and your State Constitution would be a great place to start.

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